Dishwasher, light reading that rocks!

I’ve been reading a lot of heavy academic stuff lately, so on Saturday, on a lark, I picked up Dishwasher by Pete Jordon. It’s about a guy who goes on a quest to was dishes in all fifty states. I finished it today, which is a testament to how much I enjoyed the book. Not only is it a complete breeze to read, but it is also a travel story (which I dig) and a profile of a profession (which I dig). I washed dishes for a while when I worked at Subway, but was nowhere as serious at it as Pete was. Hell, he spent over a decade scrubbing and rinsing at dishpits all over the US.

Now, I sure as hell wouldn’t hire Pete to work at my place if I owned a restaurant (dude quits jobs like crazy), but I’m sure he’d be a cool guy to have a beer with, and that makes his book all the more worth reading. The narrative doesn’t bog down, it moves fast, so something is always going on, the journey moves.

People compare the book to work by Bukowski and Kerouac, I don’t think so. This is a different style of writing, less literary, more oral. Just fluid, easy to read.

If you need a book to take the load off, read Dishwasher. You will not regret it.

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  1. Read The Dragon Can’t Dance!!!! by EARL LOVELACE!!!!!

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