yellow cannonball umbrella

I scrape my consciousness with sand paper
medicine intestine grace defenses
manifold the yellow cannon balls
and catalog the wooden benches,

In the liquor-soaked umbrella lives
maroon and tingly bubble gumshoes
letting pistols fall from shrugging beasts
I’ve never had to learn to let loose,

but the panorama isn’t mountain-filled
we’re driving through the Cali-middleland
the car is hitting about ninety now
hundred magazines with contraband,

I’m nervous living like a text defender
stricken with a senseless child of passion
can I light the darkest standing room
with magic like a blonde Aladdin?

Doesn’t matter death is closer
farther to the rose in gardens
fragile languor stacks departing
bloody knuckle barely hardens

His momma turned to him and said, “Boy, that don’t make no sense.”
“I know,” he answered, “but it sure do cast a big shadow.”
“Now go wash your feet and get ready for bed.”
“Yes momma.”
And with clean feet he struck off to bed, head on a feather pillow, dreams unhinging themselves from their daily hooks. His mother watched Jay Leno, laughing not once, and had some ice cream before her own big shadows shushed her waking life.

The next morning it dawned on her that she had forgotten to bolt the front door. Probably no big deal.

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6 Responses to yellow cannonball umbrella

  1. I don’t know what I love more about this, Oleg… the things I understand, or the things I don’t.

    This is darkly, dreamily gorgeous. You simply must post more poems.

  2. OLEG says:

    Thanks Laurie. Always a pleasure to have you drop by.

  3. Yak Pate says:

    dreams unhinging themselves from their daily hooks… Takes my breath away.

    I’m glad you never had to learn how to let loose the shrugging beasts… the ferocity of your poetry proves you are their caretaker and master.

    Thank you for being so alive in this risky world, and to Laurie for sending me a link to your work.

  4. OLEG says:

    Thanks, Yak, for checking in. I’m glad you came my way.

    Check out some of the other poems I have posted. If you enjoyed this one, you’ll surely enjoy those.

  5. Ashley says:

    You are brilliant.

  6. OLEG says:

    Thanks, Ashley. You already know how I feel about you.

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