When I Don’t Sleep…

when I don’t sleep, I un-dream
unseen, I un-seam
or on screen, I’m unscene –
unclean ream, grave robber,
obscene name dropper like rain droplets
a pain prophet, suspense is a main object,
we wait till the train’s stopping, strain —
track a thought a rock a pebble,
meddle with, it’s delicate, no gain
predicate, flow plain embellishment,
when snows came, intangible
static up in the canticle cocaine,
hum the hymn and clock the spot
till it blows brain, for shame…
…stack two o’s, I ate, I ain’t
side by side o’s know no gate,
grate the mind and matter prophecy
I’ve landed on the moon and found there’s still as much hypocrisy,

no space like grace inside the black box
cash stocks, stack props, mad shop –
I’m still not in the building,
the building of a lab, cot
experimental bed rock.
let turtles tender shell shock.
sleep now, a needle, need le, ne ed le,
spent a doll a day, slept. palette.

No more fluency for today. Good night.

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7 Responses to When I Don’t Sleep…

  1. “I’ve landed on the moon and found there’s still as much hypocrisy”


    If this is what happens when you have insomnia, I suggest staying up late more often. Gorgeous work. Love it.

  2. (BTW, congrats on your graduation! I noticed your tweet about it. Well done!!!)

  3. OLEG says:

    Thanks Laurie. Staying up is nice, but the next morning, not so nice.

  4. Just wait until you have kids. :-)

  5. courtney says:

    i love this wonderful strange lullaby

  6. OLEG says:

    Hi Courtney, I did indeed go to sleep after this one, though I wouldn’t sing it to a baby. :O)

  7. Hillary says:

    I feel that I shouldn’t feed your poetry ego anymore, but I love this one. And you didn’t even ask me, “Do you love it?”

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