What blood? Oh my…

Allegedly, on October 20th micro-blogging service Twitter killed the trending topic “No God” but left “Know God” trending. I don’t know if the company did it on purpose, if they did it’s bad publicity, but complainers need to remember that Twitter is a private company and perfectly within their rights to manipulate the trending topics. If the allegations are true, it’s definitely not a good move in terms of community spirit. Anyhow, backstory done, here is a little freestyle inspired by the situation titled “What blood? Oh my…”:

Know God,
I know no god,
I know a God,
who throws lobs
of Job into my earlobe,

show hope?
the show’s broke,
a little okeydoke,
holy smoke?
Five dead ringers
throw lead at torch singers;
church choir hire higher throat singers,
a quote lingers…

Why must we cringe
when nothing rings…
Why must…
Why trust? I lust, don’t I? Why?

Eat the bread but cut the crust,
crack crustaceans,
back to the dust,
attract rust, touch, tuck, tick, there are no clocks
where “wear” and “were” flip-flop,
it’s all a slip-up…
drip, drip, what water? What?
What blood? Oh my…

I’ve seen too much to doubt what nobody has touched
because it’s not the touch that speaks, and not the speech
it is the holy ghost the breaks the air beyond our reach
which tells that though we cannot see, we feel, we kneel
but not for bending’s sake. The take is ours regardless of
whether the praying’s heard or just a swelling love
inside a chest that world’s are pressing in, encouraging
discomfort, fate, fake, a set slate,
there is a way to satiate
there is a way
there is.
There isn’t? Doesn’t matter does it, if you listen
see? You don’t, okay, well take a breath, are you alive
or are you dead, that’s all, that’s it, believe in that.
My friends, it’s not in no or know — it’s in us all
the space between our flesh and ribs
a trace, like an ellipsis is. It’s all about
what is or isn’t. Forget what is or isn’t.
Just sit. Just listen. Just breath. Just be.
Be just.

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4 Responses to What blood? Oh my…

  1. muselady11 says:

    Very fine, Oleg. Love the rhythm, the rhyme, the pattern, the message. Cool construction.

  2. OLEG says:

    Howdy Joanne, thanks for your comment. Glad you like it.

  3. laurie says:

    This is beyond gorgeous. Will you jump into my brain and light a few fires there?

    I’ve missed your work, O. Though, you sent me on a roundabout trip to get here from your old site!

  4. OLEG says:

    Laurie! Nice to have you back.

    I will certainly light a few low-key fires (lighting fires has developed a bad rep in Los Angeles and surrounding counties. Maybe when we meet in Siberia I’ll spark infernos).

    Apologies for the trip, hope you ran into some interesting landmarks along the way. In any case, grateful that you’ve finally arrived. The drinks are over there…and over there’s the buffet table.

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