the idon’tcare copter

Helicopter with spin things
doctor running mad
shebang coming
management is the lasso-antler
fallen to die – a sit-in
a march – mine a cataract
schism splinter

Fly away and forget the world
an astronaut in his own right
pilot a handful
dropping responses
like a bad steno
I’m in the copter with blue sky
not waving my hands and falling
but standing on a shifting platform
earthquake beneath me
excited and anxious
laughing at him.

Pointing my finger and waving away
napping on flour sacks
in the closet like a dusty LP
the music a past-time;
a jittery waltz
of a crippled skele-
ton scraper,
window-cleaner –
mad swinger with passions
like Jesus had
only with harder liquor
for blood
almost a pagan

With loud hands over his head
waving them roundy – a circle-jerker
but tears in rhythm
from the family fate brought
blessed to the buckshot air atoms –
never are we alone
always the hurt, the victims of
victims in sad dog ulcer casts –

My God, what filth
What sugary sweets we must
‘nt ingest, but do,
because a jewel-a-chest
expects, deserves, a weight
and we dumbbells all
sit and give
clamber and live
in our riotous costumes
the strangle a jib
we manage a jig – some days
drunken collection of memory riffs
till kids challenge the shtick.

Well, my amorous licks
cause languor, yes, yes
Breaking the hymen
straddling skits-stripped
of excuses, her repeats
I want you, you
in your cleats – walking the line
buckled to seats
pushing the pedals
gripping the stick – up to Houdini
magic’s a trip
pulling the copter like I’m
breaking the fifth
telling you everything
abandoned eclipse opening
hoping-no-joking- no shit
I’m up in the air
strapping it on, no chute to speak of
I don’t care, copter – I’m gone!


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