Practicing Meter (a poem: I love the headache you gave)

I wrote a little poem to practice writing in meter. Decided to share it. The object of this one was to write lines with 7 syllables: two iambs followed by an anapest so the stress/un-stresses would look like this: / x / x / / x . I did a decent job, even told a small story in between. Just a practice poem though, nothing to aspire to or be proud of.

I love the headache you gave.
Your charcoal face, never shaved,
that threatened me with a blade.
I must have woke from the grave!

You stand, lock-jawed in a daze
my wake — your signature face:
Perturbed, your movements are safe…

I loved the headache you gave —
I’m dead — Surprise, I was brave!
To shoot my headache away
with buckshot. Geez, what a waste
you think. What, me or the lead?

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2 Responses to Practicing Meter (a poem: I love the headache you gave)

  1. Hey, this poem is neat. Good Job! Meter is hard……:( I was just confused about the connection between dying and a headache. Did the headache make you die? or the person who gave you the headache? ACK!

  2. OLEG says:

    I am not the person the poem is about.

    The answer to the question is neither.

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