On Watching Il Postino at the LA Opera

It shouldn’t be so easy, this love, and yet
it happens – not unlike applause before the act
even begins – the Poet’s double sees the girl
and stunned cannot compose a single line,
much less a word, as when we are in bed
and asked to “tell you something”, I decline;

Certainly, like Mario, I can consult a bard
and whisper sweet palabras like manzana,
mariposa – all the metáforas you could wish
I’d slip into your palm except the one
I feel when you are in my arms, the operatic
thrashing of the sea, una pequeña muerte,
y el amor
that carries on.


* The opera Il Postino is in Spanish which led to the insertion of a few Spanish words into the poem. Palabras means words, manzana is apple, mariposa – my favorite Spanish word – means butterfly, metaphoras of course means metaphors, una pequeña muerte is a little death, y is and, and el amor is the love.

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