God&Gutter Rap

Just a little something to break the ice, writer’s block that is…

It’s “shovel the dirt kid”, if my words were sand
they’d cover the earth’s surface,
So great – not good – but in terms of size,
my mind is like the universe described,
expanding always, I’m in the hallways
of God’s house, building mansions
all day.
I saw day 1 and rewrote the script,
joining dark with its opposite,
God made me a tailor,
so I could cut the proper fit,
refine time and space making fate follow it,
and what follows from fate but a flow so sick
that Moses seeing it said, “I can rock to this…”
taking those stones, he lay the bricks
for code that told Oleg not to murder this shit,
but murder I did, though I plead the fifth:
fifth of vodka? No, I’ll honor my parents and quit…
with the gutter, braggadocio shticks…

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4 Responses to God&Gutter Rap

  1. gutter, braggadocio shticks…

    That’s a title for a poetry collection if I ever heard one! ;-)

    (more poems, Oleg. MORE MORE!)

  2. OLEG says:

    Laurie, you have me working on a sestina. That stops everything else :O)

    I barely escaped to compose this one.

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