Fooling Around…

…With limericks and double-dactyls

There was once a schizo named Jeter
or Joseph or Theodore or Skeeter
He had a nice wife
who said all of her life
“…All I long for is a nice Peter.”

I took a masked girl on a date
she wouldn’t let me up to the plate…
Well, last weekend this shrew
sat on a screw…
Now you’ll recognize her by her gait.

We all know the ride of Revere,
yet the history of it it is queer;
Longfellow’s the cause
that William Dawes
remains to this day in the rear.

I met an old wizard who was very confused
he forgot all his spells, yet still seemed enthused
I managed to ask,
“Sir, how do you cast?”
I don’t fish much, he answered, amused.

Being not much in the physical could
put a scholarly ghost in a clinical mood
“That girl that just passed me,
she brings up the past, see”
In death I’m invisible too.

one’s concentration is
forthwith required for
hours on end…
Still I continue on –
monolomaniacally –
till to my will will these
syllables bend.

Sir Thomas Malory
wrote about Lancelot’s
Guinevere thing.
He did behave oh so
when he was told of her
specialty swing.

bellowed her ladyship
I want my champagne while
I’m in the nude.
Madam, sighed Jeeves as he,
poured half the bubbly down
between her boobs.

p.s. – Apologies for the reversed feet in a few of those dactyls. Meter and I haven’t danced in a while.

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