NY Times thinks Doc program war only Microsoft vs. Google

Facing Free Software, Microsoft Looks to Yahoo

Okay, is it just me or was the scope of this article strangely small. Openoffice.org is a free/open-source program equivalent to Microsoft Office, with more features than Google Docs and it is is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, completely without restriction (it’s under an LGPL license).

Somebody give these people a clue! Not everything has to fit the Microsoft vs. Google mind-set just because a deal – one that will take years in limbo – was proposed. Let’s open our eyes to a bigger world please.

p.s. – Software wants to be free? Can we please stop with the cliches of personification?

p.s.s. – ALL the software on my computer is FREE because I took the initiative and did a tiny bit of research coming to the conclusion that paying for buggy software makes no sense when one can legally obtain buggy software for free! :O)

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