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These links represent some of the websites I talked about in my Brown Bag Seminar, Blogging For Business, presented on May 5th at Moorpark Library:

Getting Started: What is, blog search engines, blogging platforms, rss aggregators(blog/RSS/feed readers).

  • Wikipedia: Blog – Pretty good survey of blogs and blogging. But it’s Wikipedia, so read with care.
  • What Exactly is a Blog, Anyway? – Casual post introducing blogs to novices. Intended for teachers, but useful for all. Be sure to read the comments.
  • YouTube: Blogs in Plain English(leelefever) – Fast-paced video giving some background on blogs as “news”-feeds. Worthwhile for beginners.
  • Harvard Weblogs: What makes a weblog a weblog? – 2003 article about how a blog is different from a conventional website. Goes in-depth with terms and concepts.
  • Doug Williams’s Blogging Terms – A large glossary of blog-related terms. Be sure to bookmark this page for future reference.
  • Google Blog Search – The biggie of regular search also has a targeted blog search.
  • Technorati – Popular blog search using an interesting algorithm based on user tags and trackbacks for “Authority.”
  • BlogScope – Blog search engine boasting a visualization feature.
  • Bloglines – Blog search engine and popular RSS reader.
  • WhosTalkin? – Searches different social media sources including blogs.
  • WordPress – free, open-source blogging platform. Can be hosted on their server, or one of your choice.
  • Blogger – Google’s blogging platform. Free. Gives you more design capability when hosted on their server.
  • Typepad – Another popular blogging platform, though not free.
  • Movable Type – Yet another blogging platform.
  • Google Reader – The web-based RSS aggregator I use to read blogs. Requires a free Google account.
  • Newsgator – Popular free RSS aggregator application, not web-based.
  • FeedReader3 – Free RSS aggregator application that also requires you to download it onto your computer.
  • Top 10 Windows RSS Feed Readers and News Aggregators – A listing of ten RSS readers, some of which are already mentioned here.
  • Wikipedia: List of Aggregators – An overwhelming list of blog readers divided by categories. See it just to get a sense of how many choices one has.

How-To: build a better blog, basics of starting, blogging philosophy, analytic tools.

Notable Company Blogs – specific company blogs, pages that list company blogs.

  • Google Blog – Of course the world’s foremost search engine must have one.
  • Consumerist – Not actually a company blog. Instead one that makes questionable companies nervous. An example of how blogging empowers consumers.
  • Inside Nike Running – Mostly adverts for Nike events with the occasional running tip thrown in.
  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Computer Guy – Matt is starting a computer repair business. His blog is advertising his services, offering advice for fellow entrepreneurs, and helping him explore the ins-and-outs of being the computer guy. I’m a computer guy so I can relate.
  • Kodak 1000 Words – Portrayed as almost a family blog of Kodak employees with, of course, lots of photos, and a definite ‘focus’ on Kodak(sorry, had to) the shaping the brand.
  • Check-Out: Where the Lanes are All Open – Wal-Mart’s informal blog has individuals posting their views on Wal-Mart products and other random thoughts. Not necessarily reviews, either. This is one to look at for ideas for your company blog.
  • Nuts About Southwest – The place to meet Southwest employees, see pictures of planes and other multimedia, and enjoy irreverent adverts for Southwest flights, etc.
  • Fortune 500 Business Blogging Wiki – Links to Fortune 500 companies with blogs. Great place to go for examples of company blogs.
  • ReadWriteWeb: Nine Company Blogs That Are Fun For Anyone to Read – List and review of nine(and some), mostly technology and web-related, companies with nice blogs.

These links are current as of April 21st, 2009. Feel free to…

…include other relevant and/or useful links with a small annotation in the comments.

…let me know if any of these are dead links.

…link to this list.

…e-mail me to let me know that you’re linking to the list or using it.

…inform me of other such lists.

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  1. Well, now I know where to send people who want info on blogging! You’re a man of many talents, Oleg!

  2. OLEG says:

    Thanks Laurie. Will be glad to receive anyone you send.

  3. Dorothy says:

    Kia ora
    Thank you for mentioning my slideshare (Manaiakalani) for using blogger to start a blog!

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