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On Commitment in Librarianship

On Friday, June 17th, my job at the Lancaster Regional Library is coming to an end. This has caused me to spend some time lately thinking about my first year and three months as a professional librarian. Though my hour-long … Continue reading

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ALA Election Participation Survey – Results

[Quick Hits — This is a fairly long post. If you’re pressed for time: Skim the intro, take in the percentages of questions one and two, read question three, skim conclusion. Download .pdf of whole post for later.] Introduction A … Continue reading

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Phil Shapiro on Creative Libraries – A Partial Bibliography

In his post, Is It Time To Rebuild & Retool Public Libraries And Make “TechShops”? over at Make, Philip Torrone wrote about making libraries more useful by transforming them into “…factories that help make people who want to learn and … Continue reading

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How to Begin Your Research

[a printable .pdf of this article is available here] As a librarian working in an area surrounded by educational institutions of all levels, I am often approached by students looking for help in beginning their research. It is surprising to … Continue reading

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My Dream Job: Special Projects Librarian

I enjoy the holiday season because of the lively mood, cheerful colors, and the chance to hug people wearing sweaters. What I don’t care much for anymore is gifts. Don’t get me wrong, I love receiving cards with a personal … Continue reading

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The Future of Collection Development

1 – A few days ago, a high school student and his mother came to the reference desk in need of research assistance for an important paper on a semi-famous literary figure. Without thinking twice, I began to show them … Continue reading

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Librarians as Context Professionals

If I spent all my time on the information desk at work searching Google, I would admit that the librarianship was dying out. If the world’s information was indeed at everyone’s fingertips, easily found and readily available, what would be … Continue reading

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Librarians Launch People

Every time an astronaut goes up in a rocket there are countless people who help them get there. When folks come in to the library, the librarians represents those countless people. While librarians cannot step into the space suit and … Continue reading

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Internet Myths: Everything can be found on the ‘net

Similar to the myth that people only use 10% of their brain, the idea that everything can be found on the internet is repeated by idiots constantly. Yet, to any “thinking” person, this should be immediately dismissed as ludicrous! I … Continue reading

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