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Grandmother’s Librarian by Gloria Rozier

Gloria is a screenwriter who I met at the West Hollywood Library. After a meeting in which we discussed one of her screenplays, she told me a story about her first experience at the library. Because I think her experience … Continue reading

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5 Essential Customer-Service Tips

Some people are great at cuddling up in their cubicle and designing something beautiful, others shine in with numbers and esoteric policies, my thing has always been customer service. Whether as a teenager helping at my local library’s book sale, … Continue reading

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On Solving the Library’s Homeless “Problem”

There have been many articles over the years both in the mainstream press and in academic journals tackling the subject of homelessness in libraries. Having worked in urban libraries for the majority of my library career both as a Page … Continue reading

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Remembering Rockstar Librarians Of History

How many librarians of the past can you name? I’m not talking about Casanova or Benjamin Franklin (not a librarian, btw), I’m talking about real actual working librarians — the leaders of library service in your state or country. Sure, … Continue reading

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On Quiet in the Library

There have been plenty of articles like this one from Salon about the need for quiet in the library as well as pieces like this from the Wall Street Journal about libraries doing loud and unusual programs. My feeling about … Continue reading

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That Bird Thing — Running a Successful Library Twitter Account

Deck/audio for a Pecha Kucha style (20 slides x 20 seconds) video presentation I did for a new librarian’s training that took place on February 27th, 2013. The West Hollywood Library twitter account can be seen at @WeHoLibrary.

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Library Patrons Don’t Know What They Want

Every so often some very talented visionary will echo the statement that they don’t listen to focus groups or conduct market research because people don’t know what they want. I think that this idea can be applied on the ground … Continue reading

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4 More Best Practices for Working the Reference Desk

A little while ago, I wrote a blog post titled “5 Best Practices for Working the Reference Desk“. In that post I described “what I consider necessary elements of top-notch public service”. I received some positive feedback about that post, … Continue reading

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Rule #1: Don’t be an A**hole

First, let me start off by saying that I am a customer service person by nature. I enjoy figuring out what someone needs and making it happen. This is true in my current job as a public librarian, but it … Continue reading

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5 Best Practices for Working the Reference Desk

Being a reference librarian in a busy library is not an easy task. It’s not necessarily the questions that are hard, but providing consistently excellent customer service to an occasionally less-than-adoring public. These five best practices articulate what I consider … Continue reading

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