Which road should I take?” she asked the cat.
“Where do you want to get to?” the cat asked helpfully.
“I don’t know,” admitted Alice.
“Then,” advised the cat, “any road will take you there.”

from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland (full text)

Sometimes, when I’m on the web and don’t know where to go it helps to see a list of sites I like. Since the purpose of this page is to join mood with site as quickly as possible I won’t annotate the entries. I will, however, divide them into strange and wonderful categories.

General News
LA Times
NY Times
The Onion
La Opinión
The Center for Public Integrity
Reveal News, by the Center for Investigative Reporting

Around-the-World News
The Guardian (of London)
The Copenhagen Post
The Local
The Japan Times
The Japan News (by The Yomiuri Shimbun)
The Asahi Shimbun
Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
The Hindu

World of Ideas
Learning Without Frontiers

The Ubiquitous Librarian
Annoyed Librarian
Library and Information Science News
American Libraries Direct

Readers Advisory
What’s Next Database
RASD of Suffolk County Library Association Readers Advisory
LAPL Reads

Open-access Journals and Reports
Collaborative Librarianship
International Journal of Library and Information Science (IJLIS)
Library Philosophy and Practice
Urban Library Journal
Library Leadership & Management (LLAMA’s journal)
First Monday
Game Studies
Journal of New Librarianship
Political Librarian
Journal of Radical Librarianship
New Media Consortium Horizon Project
Pew Research Center: Libraries
Aspen Institute: Dialogue on Public Libraries
Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS)
American Library Association: Research
Secrecy & Society
California Budget & Policy Center

For a directory of open-access LIS journals from all over the world, visit the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Project MUSE.

Visual / World
National Geographic
Smithsonian Magazine

NY Times – Technology
One Laptop per Child
MIT’s Technology Review

Other Blogs / Trend-Spotting
Boing Boing
50 Best Blogs for Industrial Design Students
Cool Hunting
Cool Hunter
Pew Research: Social & Demographic Trends
Derek Sivers’ Book Notes
Space10 Design Studio

Poetry Foundation
Poetry News from the Poetry Foundation
Poetry News from Poets & Writers

Modern Haiku
The Heron’s Nest
Lilliput Review (short poems/Print) / Back Issue Archive / blog: Issa’s Untidy Hut
South by Southeast (Print)
Frogpond (HSA Member’s Journal/Print)
cattails (journal of the United Haiku and Tanka Society)
Speed Bump Journal (online)

Interesting Independent Publishers
Interlink Books – “Interlink Publishing is an independent publishing house specializing in …World travel, World literature, World history and politics, Art, World music & dance, International cooking, Children’s books from around the world.”
Heyday Books – “…Promote[s] widespread awareness and celebration of California’s many cultures, landscapes, and boundary-breaking ideas.”
Kodansha (Intenational) USA – “…Celebrates and promotes all facets of Japanese culture around the world – from anime to zen!”
Tuttle Publishing – “…To discover, create, publish, and deliver best -in-class books [about Asia] & products that bring the World closer together one page turn at a time.”
PM Press – “We seek to create radical and stimulating fiction and nonfiction books…”
Nation Books – “…to produce authoritative books by leading writers and thinkers that break new ground and shed light on current social and political issues.”
New Vessel Press – “New Vessel Press, founded in New York City in 2012, is an independent publishing house specializing in the translation of foreign literature into English.”
I.B. Tauris – “…an independent publishing house that has pioneered a distinctive approach to the publication of both general non-fiction and new scholarly writing in the humanities and social sciences.”

Online Learning
Canvas Network
Future Learn

Thinking Allowed (BBC Radio 4)
In Our Time Archive: Philosophy (BBC Radio 4)
The Moth (Atlantic Public Media)
Radiolab (WNYC)
Manager Tools (Manager Tools, LLC)
History of Japan (Isaac Meyer)

John Frame
Cecilia Z. Miguez
Chris Turnham’s Print Shop

Public Domain Images
Clipart ETC
Karen’s Whimsy – Public Domain Images
Wikimedia Commons
British Library Flickr Stream
Wellcome Library Image Archive
Skitter Photo – High-quality photos, but not too many of them. All CC0 (public domain)
Unsplash – Tumblr page with many beautiful photos, but no easy way to browse. All CC0 (public domain).
Pic Jumbo – Lots of good photos. So-so site. Attribution suggested, but not required.
IM Free – Not a great number of pics, but looks like good quality…
Gratisography – A relatively small collection of high-quality pictures in no particular order.
Picography – 60 or so random high-quality images. Public domain.
Jay Mantri – A Tumblr of 7 new pics every Thursday. Random public domain images. – Repository of public domain images.
Magdeleine – Stylish CC0 and CC-BY images. A new one every day. Good for inspiration.
Pixabay – Lots of images of varying quality shared by site members as public domain images, it seems.

Last Updated: 11 June 2019

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