Oleg Kagan is a writer and librarian. He works as the Community Engagement Coordinator for LA County Library, and is the founder and Contributing Editor of the EveryLibrary Medium Magazine.

Depending on the day, Oleg may be interested in: Sherwood Anderson, Judaism, Buddhism, Japan, poetry, reading, libraries, Lawrence Clark Powell, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, haiku, villanelles, printing history in California, library history, public speaking, Jews in the Soviet Union, Quakers, Shakers, menswear/style, free culture, hockey, computing, learning, East Asian Philosophy, science fiction, asceticism, British Romanticism, Structuralism, legal interpretation, libertarianism, 1890-1920, dramaturgy, comedy, psychology, literary theory, anthropology, animals, St. Francis, persuasion, jazz.

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Oleg was involved in orchestrating both the Short Story Dog Contest and the 5A Story Contest. While in graduate school, he also did an independent study project called Visions of Hypertext on hypertext systems leading up to the world wide web.

Updated: 2019-04-06

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